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The Nine Waves

The Extraordinary Story of how India took over the World of Cricket


Dreaming the Impossible

The Battle to create a Non-Racial Sports World

The Spirit of the Game

How Sport made the

Modern World

Other sports books by Mihir Bose

General sport

Sports Babylon, Carlton, 1999

Sporting Colours: Sport and Politics in South Africa (Runner-up William Hill sports book of the year 1994), Robson, 1998 

The Sporting Alien, Mainstream Publishing, 1996



Moeen, Moeen Ali with Mihir Bose, Allen & Unwin, 2018

A History of Indian Cricket (Winner of the 1990 Cricket Society literary award), revised ed., Andre Deutsch, 2002

A Maidan View: the Magic of Indian Cricket, Allen & Unwin, 1986

Cricket Voices, Kingswood, 1991

All in a Day: Great Moments from Cup Cricket, Robin Clark, 1983

Keith Miller: A Cricketing Biography, Allen & Unwin, 1979



Manchester Disunited: Trouble and Takeover at the World’s Richest Football Club, Aurum Press, 2007

Manchester Unlimited: The Money, Egos and Infighting Behind the World’s Richest Soccer Club, Orion Business, 2000

The World Cup: All You Need to Know, Endeavour, 2010

Behind Closed Doors: Dreams and Nightmares at Spurs (written with Irving Scholar), Andre Deutsch, 1992

False Messiah: The Life and Times of Terry Venables, Andre Deutsch, 1996

Game Changer: How the English Premier League came to Dominate the World, Marshall Cavendish, 2012

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