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Thank You Mr Crombie

Lessons in Guilt and Gratitude to the British

Narendra Modi
The Yogi of Populism


The Spy who Fooled the Nazis

Other books by Mihir Bose

Biography and history

The Aga Khans, World's Work, 1984

The Lost Hero: A Biography of Subhas Bose, revised ed, Vikas Publishing, 2014

Michael Grade: Screening the Image, Virgin Books, 1992

General sport

Sports Babylon, Carlton, 1999

Sporting Colours: Sport and Politics in South Africa (Runner-up William Hill sports book of the year 1994), Robson, 1998 

The Sporting Alien, Mainstream Publishing, 1996


Moeen, Moeen Ali with Mihir Bose, Allen & Unwin, 2018

A History of Indian Cricket (Winner of the 1990 Cricket Society literary award), revised ed., Welbeck, 2002

A Maidan View: The Magic of Indian Cricket, Allen & Unwin, 1986

Cricket Voices, Kingswood, 1991

All in a Day: Great Moments from Cup Cricket, Robin Clark, 1983

Keith Miller: A Cricketing Biography, Allen & Unwin, 1979


Manchester Disunited: Trouble and Takeover at the World’s Richest Football Club, Aurum Press, 2007

Manchester Unlimited: The Money, Egos and Infighting Behind the World’s Richest Soccer Club, Texere, 2000

Behind Closed Doors: Dreams and Nightmares at Spurs (written with Irving Scholar), Andre Deutsch, 1992

False Messiah: The Life and Times of Terry Venables, Andre Deutsch, 1996

Game Changer: How the English Premier League came to Dominate the World, Marshall Cavendish, 2012

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