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On The Spirit of the Game

Mihir Bose's research is wide and deep and his prose bright and clear. He has wonderfully illuminated the rise and fall of the sporting spirit.

Simon Kuper, Financial Times

Bose is the perfect mixture of dedicated historian, meticulous investigative journalist and an observer who [understands] that sport matters only because it has a meaning beyond money and celebrity.’

Sir Michael Parkinson

‘[Bose] has written many books on sport and this book is a distillation of four decades as an author and reporter. It is a superbly entertaining read.’

Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph

On Bollywood

‘This is a must read book for everybody interested in Bollywood — the first definitive history of the Indian film world.’

Meera Syal

‘Bose brings pioneers such a Raj Kapoor vividly to life, along with many other unforgettable characters… Insightful and often hilarious, a punchy narrative.’

The Sunday Times

‘The first comprehensive history of India’s film industry is pure entertainment.’

The Observer

On The Nine Waves

On Dreaming the Impossible

Bose's book should be  a wake-up call to all those running British sports.

Martyn Ziegler, The TImes

On Moeen

Shortlisted for the Telegraph's Sports Book Awards - autobiography of the year, 2019.

Longlisted for the Specsavers National Book Awards.

One of the Daily Mail's and the Observer's books of the year, 2018.

On The Nine Waves

The Nine Waves brings out the subtleties and nuances, pulls and pressures, the culture and colour .. that make Indian cricket different.  Every cricket lover should read it.

Sunil Gavaskar

On Silver

Bose's skills as a journalist and researcher are evident .. as he portrays the big picture adding rich details gleaned from previously classified files.

Times of India

On Narendra Modi - the Yogi of Populism

Mihir has done an amazing job of laying out the facts and then steering the coversation towards what we might call the Modi playbook. I ... would highly recommend it.

Bibhash Dash

On From Midnight to Glorious Morning

This book introduced me effortlessly to so much more detail and insight [about India] ... Mihir makes the whole subject ... come alive.

Paul Davies

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