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Isha Johansen and the other side of FIFA

Inside World Football

Isha Johansen, President of the Sierra Leone Football Association, has a little game she plays with taxi drivers whenever she comes to London. The taxi is taking her to Oxford Street, Selfridges, and the taxi driver asks, “Going on another shopping spree are you? Going to shop till you drop?”

“No,” replies Johansen, “I am just going to pick up some makeup. I’ll give you two guesses about what I do for a living?” The taxi driver responds, “You are a model or you are in acting or something like that?” and Johansen says, “No, I’m in football”. This prompts the taxi driver to ask, “Are you a football agent or something?”

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My Show No Cowboys, Only Indians finished on Tuesday 8th December, it was a great success and the audiences were tremendous.  Have a look at this review and this one as well to get a flavour of the evening.

Fleet Street’s “Brown Three Degrees” talked about the tricks, politics, travels, hard work and fun in search of the story. Lola Perrin played her especially composed music.

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