Coming clean – can sport regain our trust?

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Drugs scandals, institutional corruption and jail time for former stars – sport’s reputation has taken a pounding. It’s time to explain what’s been going on…

No three modern athletes could be more

different than Victoria Pendleton, Maria Sharapova and Adam Johnson. The first is a double gold medal-winning Olympic track cyclist; Sharapova a Grand Slam tennis champion; and Johnson a footballer whose skills earned him 12 England caps and £60,000 a week.

Yet they share one thing in common: they all are – or were – considered role models in society.

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Mihir Bose: Can the Euros decide how the Brits vote in the referendum?

Inside World Football

On the face of it this is an absurd question. How can what happens to England, Wales and Northern Ireland make any difference to how they vote in the EU referendum?

The first is a football tournament that at the end of the day only affects one continent, albeit the most important one in footballing terms – it controls the game economically, the best players in the world play on the continent and, after Germany’s victory in Brazil, south America can no longer claim that at least on the field of play it is superior. Nevertheless kicking a ball, or worrying about Ronaldo’s moods, has surely nothing to do with how we decide what is described as a decision that will affect not merely us but our children and their children.

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From Midnight to Glorious Morning?

My new book about how India has changed since my birth in 1947 is to be published very shortly in Delhi. Details of how you can purchase it in India will be provided soon.  

Next year India celebrates 70 years of freedom and this is a perfect moment to look back at where India was and what has happened since that midnight August moment when it emerged as an independent country.



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