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Can positive discrimination deal with racism and sexism?

The Malky Mackay saga has once again brought racism and sexism in football back on the agenda. And in particular it has raised the question: why is it that the world’s greatest game is so integrated and seems so inclusive on the field of play but off it is “hideously” white, to use FA chairman Greg Dyke’s phrase. If there were any doubts about that last week’s launch of the Champions League once again displayed European football’s Janus face.

The setting in Monaco could not have been more glitzy and UEFA made all the right noises about inclusion. All of UEFA’s events, including Michel Platini’s press conference and the Champions League draw, were held against a background where the most prominent word was respect. This is UEFA speak for saying respect all minorities. Yet at the various events, including the lavish dinner, I doubt if there were more than a handful of black and brown faces and just as few women of any colour. So what is the solution? Could it be positive discrimination to increase the number of minorities at the top table?

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The Premier League’s rise was a spectacular cocktail of events, few of which were properly anticipated let alone planned for. Game Changer takes us on a mesmerizing journey charting this rise, involving high stakes, multi-billion pound deals, powerful and rich people, and the future of the beautiful game.

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The Spirit of the Game is now available in paperback.

The spirit of the game was first nurtured on the playing fields of the English public school and this Corinthian spirit was then exported around the world. Today, sport is dominated by corruption, money and celebrity. Yet, we still believe and talk about the game as if it had a higher moral purpose. This book tells the story of how sport has lost its original spirit and how it emerged in the 20th century as the most powerful political tool in the world.

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