How can the scandal-struck world of sport emerge from crisis? I have a solution…

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Why do sports administrators still try to preserve the fiction that sport has nothing to do with money? Asks Bose in his latest column…

Now you may think Lloyd’s of London has nothing to teach sports. One is an insurance market where how you calculate risk matters, the other is about athletes creating a wonderful world of myth and magic. Wrong.

For both institutions there is the question of who sets policies for them. How can sports emerge from the crisis that has engulfed both football and athletics? One solution is to look at how Lloyd’s finally realised that the self-regulatory world which had worked for centuries could no longer cope with the problems of the modern age.

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To change FIFA we need to look beyond Zurich

Inside World Football

In all the coverage of the crisis in FIFA what has been happening in the far flung corners of world football, like for instance Nepal and Laos, has been rather missed out. Now I do understand that you cannot expect the western media, in particular the British media where a story about Sepp Blatter or Michel Platini now nearly always makes the front page, to dwell on such remote corners of the globe. For the British in any case Nepal means Gurkha soldiers, and for climbers Everest and the Himalayas. Other than that little is known about the country nor much interest.

This was perfectly illustrated when the Nepali team for the Olympics entered London’s 2012 stadium for the march past during the opening ceremony. The team hardly raised a cheer which, given how much the British love and honour the Gurkhas, was amazing. It was evident that most people in Britain do not connect their beloved Gurkhas soldiers with Nepal, whose citizens they are.


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