I have a replica torch, but I wouldn’t dream of putting it on eBay. The buying and selling of Olympic products demeans the Games.

A few years ago a dear friend of mine celebrated his 50th birthday. For weeks I could not think of what to get him. Then I remembered that he had played for his school cricket team and his performances had featured in Wisden, the game’s bible. My problem was solved. I got him the Wisden that recorded his schoolboy bowling feats.

For me this was the ideal use of sport memorabilia linking a person to a particular deed. What I cannot understand is why people would want sport objects when they have no link with the event the object commemorates. I cannot for the life of me understand why people who have not taken part in the 2012 torch relay want to acquire a replica torch. And I am even more dumbfounded that those taking part are prepared to sell their replica torches on eBay, even if their profit goes to charity. Read more…


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