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Why Platini has turned out to be not quite so unique

Posted October 13, 2015

Inside World Football

Michel Platini has always presented himself as unique. That he was a unique footballer cannot be doubted although the fact that he could not guide his country to a World Cup win means for all his great achievements as player he will always remain to an extent the nearly man, not quite in the class of Franz Beckenbauer. But it is his role as administrator in the last decade that raises questions about why and how he was ever considered a football administrator in any way different to the less than reputable bunch who have governed the world game for so long.

This reputation has been based on the fact that he is a rare footballing great willing to become an administrator. A man from the world of shorts willing to wear suits. It has also helped that he is seen as one keen to bring some romance back to a game increasingly driven by money and more open and transparent than nearly all the other administrators. Platini himself has played on this as, for instance, in becoming the only member of the FIFA executive to disclose how he voted on the controversial 2010 ballot that decided that Qatar should host the 2022 World Cup.

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FIFA and UEFA excos were kept in the dark over Platini payment – Inside World Football

Posted October 13, 2015

October 13 – Sepp Blatter’s payment to Michel Platini of £1.35 million for alleged work for FIFA which is being investigated by the Swiss authorities was never declared to the executive committees of either FIFA or UEFA.

It now appears that there were two contracts a written contract for Platini’s work for FIFA between 1998 and 2002 for which around £710,000 was believed to have been paid to Platini. But then there was a further payment of £1.35 million on the basis of an oral contract and it is this the Swiss are investigating.

Lennart Johannsson, who was President of UEFA in 1999 when Blatter is alleged to have hired Platini to work for FIFA told Insideworldfootball: “I was a member of the FIFA executive then and Blatter should have reported it to the executive but he never did. I never heard about this arrangement in FIFA. This is quite a lot of money, not a small amount. I have only learnt through the media that Platini claims that he has a contract with FIFA.”

Platini received the payment of £1.35 million in 2011 and by this time the Frenchman had succeeded Johannsson as President of UEFA. However, as honorary President of UEFA Johansson attends UEFA executive meetings and said: “I would have expected this payment to be reported to UEFA. Platini should have mentioned it to the executive. I would have done so. I would have said to the executive, ‘I have a contract with Blatter which you may criticise. But this is the truth, this is the money I received and you should know about it.’ I attend all UEFA executive meetings. I never heard about this payment of Blatter to Platini.”

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Michel Platini will not be able to reform FIFA – he is part of the old guard, says Lennart Johansson

Posted October 6, 2015

London Evening Standard

Lennart Johansson knows how difficult it is to remove Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini from world football. In 1998 Johansson, then UEFA president, stood against Sepp Blatter for the top job at FIFA and lost. Then, in 2007, Johansson was dethroned by Platini after 17 years at the head of UEFA.

However, Blatter’s reign as FIFA president is finally nearing its end as he is being forced to step down in the wake of the scandal that has engulfed the game’s governing body.

The race to succeed him took a twist today when one of the candidates, Chung Mong-joon, claimed FIFA had charged him for allegedly breaking their ethics code as a ploy to prevent him from running for the presidency.

Platini is also in the running to replace Blatter at next February’s election but Johansson says: “Platini’s still part of the same world. That’s my impression. I doubt he will be able to reform FIFA.”

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Why Platini is the Dauphin, the insider, in the battle to succeed Blatter

Posted August 20, 2015

Inside World Football

The contest to succeed Sepp Blatter could still produce surprises, not least we could have more candidates. Some Africans, aided by European advisers, are still trying to find a heavyweight African, Tokyo Sexwale is the name most often mentioned, to provide a realistic chance of the first black man occupying Blatter’s wonderful House of Football in Zurich. Prince Ali could still stand. But whatever the final list of candidates already the contour of the election is clear. This is that Michel Platini is the insider and Chung Mong-joon the outsider.

Now this may come as a surprise. After all, is Platini not the man promoted by Europeans to clean up football and provide the new, alternative, leadership that FIFA desperately needs? That Platini will be different to Blatter cannot be doubted. For a start he will discard the Imperial Presidency that Blatter has built up. The Swiss presents FIFA as the Vatican of sport and, despite not having any territory or Army, sees himself as the head of a state. Platini has no such pretensions and will not only be more softly spoken, and say less, but will be seen less.

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Former Fifa ethics chief says Platini no better than Blatter

Posted August 2, 2015

Sunday Times

With Iain Dey

THE election of Michel Platini as president of Fifa would be “a tragedy” and bring no improvement on the scandal-blighted tenure of Sepp Blatter, according to a former ethics chief at world football’s governing body.

Michael Hershman, who served on the international governance committee established by Fifa in 2011 in the wake of a first wave of allegations about bribery and corruption at the organisation, said: “Platini has been in the system and on the executive committee for many years now. He has not been an outspoken leader of reform.

“In fact, some of the reforms proposed by our independent governance committee were opposed by him.

“He is a protégé of Sepp Blatter. This is not the kind of change Fifa needs. Platini as the next president is about the same as keeping Sepp Blatter in place.”

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