Lalit Modi, the founder and architect of the Indian Premier League, talks to former BBC Sports Editor and renowned sports and business commentator, Mihir Bose about a number of allegations which have been levelled against him.

In this video, Lalit Modi talks about some of the allegations levelled against him during his tenure as IPL Commissioner.

You can watch the full interview here (38.35 mins)

Alternatively, you can skip to the following sections:

Lalit Modi on TV rights (3.10 mins)

Lalit Modi on governance (3.36 mins)

Lalit Modi on external investigations (1.28 mins)

Lalit Modi on personal financial gain (1.38 mins)

Lalit Modi on BCCI (2.07 mins)

Lalit Modi on London (0.50 min)

Lalit Modi on match fixing (0.59 min)

Lalit Modi on family favour claims (2.29 mins)

Lalit Modi on outcomes (0.42 min)

Lalit Modi on IPL in South Africa (1.04 mins)

Lalit Modi on Indian culture and IPL (2.55 mins)

Lalit Modi on ‘Twittergate’ (0.45 min)


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