Last Thursday, I met Ali Bacher, former head of South African cricket, in Jo’burg and, on arrival at our meeting, my leg gave way. It turned out that I had ruptured the tendon which attaches the quadriceps to the patella – something that normally only happens during very physical exercise such as a rugby tackle. I had surgery the next morning thanks to Dr Mack Rogan. A four night stay in hospital. Now “home” recuperating with leg in ankle-to-thigh brace and doing a lot of physio. I must be the only Englishman to have sustained a sporting injury this World Cup albeit without touching a ball.

Am getting fascinating insights into South African healthcare. This whole incident has been made a million times better thanks to my wonderful friends here, Ali Bacher, Ed Griffiths, a 2010 media guru whose day job is to manage Saracens in London, and lovely messages of support from all over.


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