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MATCH-FIXING in cricket has been going on for more than 20 years, to probably as far back as the mid-Seventies. This is the devastating conclusion of the first report by Lord Paul Condon, head of the International Cricket Council’s anti-corruption unit.

The report will be given to members of the ICC on Monday and posted on the internet on Wednesday. However, sources close to the investigation have given The Daily Telegraph a broad outline of what is in the report. It is clear the report will make very uncomfortable reading for the ICC.

Lord Condon, whose unit, composed of former Metropolitan Police officers, is funded to the tune of a £1 million a year by the ICC, has been scouring the cricket world and has come to the conclusion that while the most blatant attempts at match-fixing have stopped, the problem persists. He says a hard core of players and others for a variety of reasons cannot, or will not, stop match-fixing. This core are not confined to one continent but are widespread, including in England. For legal reasons, no players have been named, but investigations are ongoing.

Lord Condon makes around 25 recommendations, some relating to players, others to administrators. There is call for better education of players, tightening security around players and some monitoring of the use of mobile phones during matches. He also recommends that players’ pay should be improved and that they should be given a stake in the game to reduce the temptation of corruption.

He also has criticism and recommendations for the ICC. He feels that the ICC could have prevented the growth of match-fixing had they taken action in certain instances.

Lord Condon is also critical of apparent conflicts of interest, including financial, within the ICC, and there is reference to the fact that some television deals are being looked into by the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation.

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