Reviews of books by Mihir

From reviews of Silver, the spy who fooled the Nazis, the most recent book published by Mihir:

‘This fascinating tale…’ The Independent

‘Bose’s skills as a journalist and researcher are evident in The Indian Spy as he portrays the big picture adding rich details gleaned from previously classified files of the Indian, British and other governments.’ Times of India

‘There is always a well-researched context for every incident and the best part is Bose doesn’t take sides as the saga swings to and fro from the Indian mainland to Kabul…

If any real-life saga about the Great Game rivals Rudyard Kipling’s Kim, then this is it.’  New Delhi Tribune

‘Mihir Bose’s new book meticulously reconstructs Talwar’s real character, relaying on original documents from several archives to establish that Silver was actually the only quintuple spy of WW II. He spied for the Italians, Germans, Japanese, Soviets and the British, and deceived Netaji, made a fortune and played a crucial role in the global war.’ The Hindu

‘MIHIR BOSE’S beautifully written book…Silver is a fascinating page-turner of a tale which will be of much interest to readers who, like me, love true spy stories.’ Jewish Chronicle

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