The Lost Hero – revised and updated edition

A Biography of Subhas BoseThe Lost Hero

ISBN-10: 9325985675

Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd (1 Dec. 2014)

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Any account of the history of India’s independence movement cannot be complete without the man who opposed Gandhi, was a bitter rival of Nehru and waged war against Mountbatten – Subhas Chandra Bose.  This is his story, and that of the alternative violent, revolutionary struggle for Indian independence – one that often paralleled the non-violent one and occasionally threatened to overwhelm it.  Bose was anathema to both the Congress and the British Raj.  His supporters, however, went to the other extreme, magnifying his virtues and completely obscuring this faults.

Bose’s alliances with the Nazis and the Japanese… The plane crash in Taiwan on 18 August 1945 and the sharply divided opinion on whether Bose perished in it or not… Would the Indian independence movement have taken a different turn had Bose not left for Germany?  Would post-independence India have been any different had Bose been around?  These issues evoke volatile discussion even today.

Mihir Bose’s The Lost Hero, first published in the UK in 1982, is a powerfully revised edition, incorporating the updated findings of the last three decades.  This biography is deeply researched and makes for inspirational reading on one of India’s most illustrious sons – who dared to be different.

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