Keith Miller: A Cricketing Biography

ISBN: 0-04-920062-3
George Allen & Unwin (1980)

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His lifestyle as much as his cricketing style won Keith Miller a special and enduring following among a public wider than just cricket enthusiasts. Into the austere Forties and Fifties he brought excitement, glamour and a generosity which not even the pressures of Test cricket could extinguish. Miller was compared by C.B. Fry to Victor Trumper: and how many cricketers now in their thirties and forties can trace their enthusiasm for the game back to the hero-worship which they as youngsters felt for K.R. Miller (NSW)?

The book is a full and meticulous account of Miller’s cricketing exploits from school days, through his dramatic arrival on the international scene in the Victory Matches of 1945, to his retirement after Laker’s summer in 1956. It also provides information about his years as a journalist and his continuing role as a significant cricket personality. There is a statistical appendix, a bibliography and an index. For those who saw him play, the book will bring back vivid memories; for those who did not, it will provide not only all the relevant facts and figures but also an insight into the special appeal of one of cricket’s original cavaliers.

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