The Sporting Alien

ISBN: 1-8515-8745-4
Mainstream Publishing (1996)

English sport has retained an image which appeals even to people who only have a dim idea of England. This book puts English sport under the microscope, examining how it is played, how it is reported and how it shapes the lives both of the English and the millions touched by England.

Using his own experiences and those of high-profile sports stars like Linford Christie, Imran Khan, Garth Crooks, Ryan Giggs, Diane Modahl, John Fashanu and many others, Mihir Bose exposes the cultural stereotyping and inherent racism all too prevalent in English sport.

Bose digs deep into the seam of ignorance, racism and blind allegiance running through so much of sporting nationalism, advocating instead a new kind of sporting imperialism — sporting imperialism of the all-inclusive Roman variety, where England at last glories in its role as the true mother country of sport — as the only way for England to reclaim its sporting crown.

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