The Magic of Indian Cricket

ISBN: 0-415-35692-X
Routledge, an imprint of Taylor & Francis Books Ltd (2006)

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First published in 1986 as A Maidan View — the Magic of Indian Cricket, the book was republished in 2006.

In the last 20 years, Indian cricket — like India itself — has been transformed. With the arrival of global television networks, mass-media coverage and multinational sponsors, cricket has become big business and India has become the economic driving force in the world game. For the first time, a developing country has become a major player in the international sports arena.

This fully updated and revised edition of Mihir Bose’s classic study of Indian cricket is a unique and involving account of the Indian cricket phenomenon. Drawing on a combination of extensive research and personal experience, Bose traces the development of the Indian game from its beginnings as a colonial pastime to its coming of age as a national passion, and now a global powerhouse.


Simon Barnes, chief sportswriter, The Times:

‘Mihir Bose is India’s C.L.R. James.’

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