A Maidan View – The Magic of Indian Cricket

ISBN: 0-14-303217-8
(For sale in the Indian Subcontinent only)
Revised edition first published by Penguin Books India 2006

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An updated and revised edition of the classic study of Indian cricket.

It has been said that, whether one loves India or hates it, it is a country with an infinite capacity for surprise. The same can be said of the sport that permeates the very fabric of the country, dominating the public mind and causing euphoria and heartbreak in equal measure.

In A Maidan View: The Magic of Indian Cricket, Mihir Bose examines cricket’s influence on India, from its unorganised beginnings to the widespread growth that has led to India becoming the commercial backbone of the sport worldwide. He explores the social factors that led to the game’s development, from the early adoption by the princes and the Parsi community to the growth of the office teams that featured Test stars. The game was further fostered in the country by the nouveau riche taking to the sport as a symbol of their wealth, gully cricket with an assortment of ‘rules’ and ‘fielders’ and, more recently, the television-rights revolution of the 1990s.


Times Literary Supplement:

‘This is a book which puts the remarkable phenomenon of Indian cricket into a clearer perspective.’

Sport in the Global Society:

‘[A Maidan View] is a singular contribution, not only to an understanding of Indian cricket, but also the wider acceptance of work on sport as mainstream historical literature.’

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