Jarvis Astaire (Ghost written by Mihir Bose)
Robson Books
Published 1999
ISBN 1-86105-161-1

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As a successful businessman and one of sport and show business’s most renowned promoters, Jarvis Astaire has worked with a great variety of sportsmen, actors and celebrities. A self-confessed opportunist, he has had great success in more areas than most entrepreneurs would dare hope for.

His involvement in the movie industry saw him make an unlikely acting debut as a double for James Mason in Fanny by Gaslight and eventually became Dustin Hoffman’s manager. He went on to work with legends like Robert Redford, Vanessa Redgrave, Bette Midler and Laurence Olivier.

In the pre-Sky days, he was the man who dreamt up the concept of relaying boxing matches to cinemas and theatres throughout Britain. He was also the man who brought Muhammed Ali to England to fight Henry Cooper, and he promoted boxing legends like Sonny Liston, Frank Bruno and Mike Tyson. When he owned racehorses, Lester Piggott rode them.

He has faced death threats, law suits and even survived a close encounter with a man who worked for Al Capone. In Encounters, Jarvis Astaire recalls with candour and humour his remarkably varied life. He says, with tongue in cheek, ‘The story may not be interesting, but the cast is terrific.’

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