Fraud — the Growth Industry of the 1980s

ISBN: 0-0444-0299-6
HarperCollins (1989)

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Fraud is now big business. Its roots run deep into the fabric of finance and commerce, nurtured by the rapid, perhaps too rapid expansion of 24-hour electronic international trading since the deregulation of the stock market. It is now all too easy for the skilled fraudster to engage in shady deals (and cover his tracks quicker than the blink of an eye). Indeed, it is estimated that the amount of fraudulently converted cash swilling around the world at any one time more than equals the Gross National Products of several Third World countries.

In this carefully researched and riveting book, the authors trace the recent history and growth of fraud and its consequences in the UK and America. They analyse several well-known recent cases, many stretching around the world, to draw an appalling picture of lacklustre control and mismanagement. We join them and the investigators on the thrilling and often dangerous money trail as step by step the net closes on their quarry. Finally, they talk to the investigators themselves, who reveal a sorry tale of often unrewarding, hard slog bound by red tape, lack of resources and secrecy.

This is a fascinating, exciting book which takes us behind the scenes of the stories that dominate the headlines to reveal a deeply murky world behind the glossy facades of the City.

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