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As one of Britain’s top spotters of equine pedigree, the Brexit-backer laments how foreign owners are taking over UK flat-racing.
One of Britain’s leading bloodstock agents, Charles Gordon-Watson, lives in a house steeped in history. His home is part of the 5,000-acre Sydmonton estate near Newbury, Berkshire, which dates back to the 16th century. Inside, he has surrounded himself with paintings and objects that make up a visual history of his life.
We are in a magnolia-coloured room he calls “the drawing room in old-fashioned terms”. He is perched on a beige-coloured fender surrounding the fireplace. The fender is like the one at White’s, his London club, whose members include the Prince of Wales. Gordon-Watson, 57, has been mixing in such high society since he was a child. As an eight-year-old, he was taken to see his first football match at Arsenal in the chairman’s chauffeur-driven Bentley and lunched in the club’s ornate boardroom. It made him temporarily an Arsenal supporter but he has long since switched to Chelsea. To read the rest of the article please click here.


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