Press comment

The Guardian, Hugh Muir:

Hideously Diverse Britain – A passage from India.


The Times, Simon Barnes:

Mihir Bose is India’s CLR James.


Former Daily Telegraph Sports Editor David Welch:

‘Mihir’s insider knowledge is unsurpassed. He’s a major acquisition.’


Ulster News Letter — Denis O’Hara:

‘Mihir Bose is one of the most respected journalists attached to the London quality press.’


The Hindu — Anuj Kumar:

‘He is a jack of many trades, but what’s outstanding about Mihir Bose is his sense of observation.’


The Pavilion End, the magazine of the Cricket Club of India Ltd:

‘A magician with words, Mihir had taken sports writing — both cricket and soccer — to dizzying heights… His versatility is reflected in the wide range of his publications, political, biographical and sporting.’


PR Week:

‘Bose does not have the “fanboy” mentality. He gets his teeth into stories on funding and deals, has a reputation as a scoop merchant.’


Daily Telegraph columnist Sue Mott:

‘His Olympic contacts are second to none. He knows everybody.’

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